Skin Biopsy

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A skin biopsy removes cells or skin samples from the surface of your body. The sample taken from a skin biopsy is examined to provide information about your medical condition. Our doctors use the skin biopsy to diagnose or rule out certain skin conditions and diseases.

Three main types of skin biopsies are:

Shave Biopsy

A doctor uses a tool similar to a razor to remove a small section of the top layers of skin (epidermis and a portion of the dermis).

Punch Biopsy

A doctor uses a circular tool to remove a small section of skin including deeper layers (epidermis, dermis and superficial fat).

Excisional Biopsy

A doctor uses a small knife (scalpel) to remove an entire lump or an area of abnormal skin, including a portion of normal skin down to or through the fatty layer of skin.

Skin Lesion Biopsy Procedure

During a biopsy, a local anesthetic is administered so the procedure is not painful. From the biopsy, a tissue sample is stored in a preservative solution or a sterile container until it can be processed at a pathology laboratory. After thorough examination, our dermatologists will develop a treatment plan for you.Results and Further Treatment after Skin Lesion Biopsy

Risks of a Skin Lesion Biopsy

Skin lesion biopsies are extremely safe procedures as evidenced by the fact that they are usually performed outpatient in our office and take only a short time to complete.


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