Suspicious Lesion

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Skin cancers — including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma — often start as changes to your skin. They can be new growths or precancerous lesions — changes that are not cancer but could become cancer over time. An estimated 40% to 50% of fair-skinned people who live to be 65 will develop at least one skin cancer. Learn to spot the early warning signs. Skin cancer can be cured if it’s found and treated early.

If one of our doctors detects an area that looks suspicious, the doctor will need to keep a close eye on that area. Your doctor will put you on a follow up program and check on that suspicious area and catch the cancer early in it’s progression.

Book A Skin Cancer Screening For Your Suspicious Lesions!

If you have noticed suspicious lesions on your body and are worried about the potential implications, please be sure to schedule a skin cancer screening appointment at one of our two Florida offices. Call (239) 936-3344 for our Fort Myers office, or (239) 596-1848 for our Naples office. You can also fill out the Appointment Request Form on this page. Our top dermatologists looks forward to serving you!


Both of our locations are currently closed due to the storm and we will share an update as soon as we reopen. Thank You.

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