Meet our Family of Naples and Fort Myers Dermatologists

3 doctors in library 2015 300x300 1 The brothers that create Harris Dermatology bring their family values into their Naples Dermatology and Fort Myers dermatology practices. These offices are comfortable and relaxed, with tropical artwork. Patients feel as though they have stepped right into the doctor’s living room. At Harris Dermatology, though, the patients’ experience is much more than just the welcoming environment. We understand the importance of quality healthcare and a great staff and you will receive a warm welcome from the moment you walk into our state-of-the-art facility. This combination of dedicated physicians, highly trained and friendly staff, and an inviting office creates the best possible patient experience.

A Family Of Naples and Fort Myers Dermatologists

H. Ross Harris, MD – Dermatologist at the Naples Dermatology Office

Brian A. Harris, MD – Dermatologist at the Fort Myers Dermatology Office

Keith A. Harris, MD – Dermatologist at the Fort Myers Dermatology Office

The three brothers, Brian, Keith, and Ross, have base their lives and careers on two important principles. The first principle is to deliver the best care possible to their patients with the most current procedures in dermatology. Their second principle is to live life to the fullest and enjoy what they do. Once you get to know the Harris brothers, it will be clear that these principles play a huge part in the success that they have experienced since they started Harris Dermatology more than 15 years ago. The Harris brothers are board certified dermatologists and they all have specialized training in skin cancer. Since all three of them are dermatologists, the Harris brothers are constantly networking, communicating, and sharing techniques with each other. Not only does this allow them to strengthen their bond as a family but it also creates an environment of constant career growth for the brothers as they continuously share new discoveries from the world of dermatology with each other. Together, Brian, Keith, and Ross bring their talents to Lee and Collier Counties with two offices, one located in Fort Myers and another in North Naples. Our Fort Myers dermatology office offers state-of-the-art facilities, and is conveniently located next to Health Park on Park Royal Drive. See our contact page for a Google map and driving directions to our Fort Myers dermatology office. and the Naples Dermatology office is located off Airport Pulling Road, just north of Pine Ridge. See our contact page for a Google map and driving directions to our Naples Dermatology office.

What Is Mohs Surgery?

The Mohs surgical technique was developed in the 1930s by Dr. Frederic Mohs, a dermatologist at the University of Wisconsin and Dr. Brian Harris was one of the first Fort Myers dermatologists to operate as a Mohs surgeon. Click here if you would like to learn more about the Mohs technique.

The Mohs procedure is a pathology sectioning method that allows for the complete examination of the surgical margin. It is different from the standard bread loafing technique of sectioning where random samples of the surgical margin are examined. A small scalpel is utilized to cut around the visible tumor. A very small surgical margin is utilized, usually with 1 to 1.5 mm of “free margin” or uninvolved skin. The amount of free margin removed is much less than the usual 4 to 6 mm required for the standard excision of skin cancers. The cure rate with Mohs surgery, according to most studies, is between 97 percent and 99.8 percent for primary basal cell removal, which is the most common type of skin cancer.

Mohs surgery in Fort Myers, Florida is performed in four steps:

  1. Surgical removal of tissue
  2. Mapping the piece of tissue, freezing and cutting the tissue between 5 and 10 micrometers using a cryostat, and staining the culture with blue dye
  3. Interpretation of microscope slides (pathology)
  4. Possible reconstruction of the surgical defect (reconstructive surgery)

This procedure is usually performed at either our Fort Myers Dermatology office or our Naples Dermatology office, if cancer is found, its location is marked on the map and Harris Dermatology will remove the indicated cancerous tissue from the patient. The Mohs procedure is repeated until no further signs of cancer are detected. A Harris dermatologist will need to see patients that received Mohs treatment periodically to ensure that there are no other affected areas on the body.

Contact this Fort Myers Dermatologist Today

Harris Dermatology is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm with two convenient locations in Naples and Fort Myers. When searching the web for Fort Myers dermatologists, consider making an appointment at Harris Dermatology. We will make every effort to give you the best service possible with our expert medical care. Click here for driving directions and a Google map to our Fort Myers location and visit us at Harris Dermatology.

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