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3 doctors in library 2015 300x300 1 Anybody that knows the Harris family has experienced first-hand the camaraderie and closeness that they share. Harris Dermatology brings this same sense of family values into their dermatology practice. Their office is comfortable and relaxed, with tropical artwork and cozy seating. Patients feel as though they have stepped right into the Harris’ home. At Harris Dermatology, though, the patients’ experience is much more than just the welcoming environment. We understand the importance of quality healthcare and a great staff. You will receive a warm welcome from a caring staff member as you enter into our state-of-the-art facility. This combination of dedicated physicians, highly trained and friendly staff, and an inviting office creates the pleasant patient experience.

A Family of Naples and Fort Myers Skin Cancer Specialists

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Harris skin cancer specialists are comprised of three brothers, Brian, Keith, and Ross, and the Harris brothers share two important principles. The first principle that they live by to deliver the best care to their patients with the most current and effective procedures in dermatology. Their second principle is to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of what they do. It couldn’t be clearer that these principles play a huge part in the success that the Harris brothers have experienced since they started their  practice more than 15 years ago. All the Harris brothers are board certified dermatologists and they all have specialized training in skin cancer. Together, Brian, Keith, and Ross serve Lee and Collier Counties with two offices, one located in Fort Myers skin cancer office and the other skin cancer office is in Naples just off of Airport Pulling Road. When searching for Naples skin cancer or Fort Myers skin cancer, consider Harris Dermatology with our state-of-the-art facilities and convenient locations. Visit our contact page for a Google Map and Ft Myers and Naples driving directions.

What is Naples Dermatology according to Wikipedia?

Dermatology is a branch of medicine that deals with the skin. It might be surprising to find out that skin is the largest organ of the human body but there’s no doubt that your skin requires special attention and care since it is your first line of defense against germs and injuries. Pathology of the skin is another very important aspect of dermatology. A pathologist’s job is to examine cultures and determine whether or not those cultures are cancerous. Determining skin cancer is a big responsibility of a dermatologist.

Dermatologists and pathologists can both pursue a path as dermatopathology. Many dermatologists are competent in dermatopathology by the end of their standard residency in dermatology and can sit for their examinations to become a dermatopathologist after completing one residency in dermatology and one in pathology.

Harris Dermatology, Located in Naples and Fort Myers, Offers Skin Cancer Screening

Living in Naples, Florida, our skin caner specialists will instruct you on the best way to perform a self-examination, which is a crucial step for your skin care while living in the Sunshine State. Of course, a self-examination won’t replace a yearly screening from your certified Naples or Fort Myers dermatologist, but performing daily exams ensures that you are aware of what is going on with your skin and can spot any issues right away.

Harris Dermatology suggests these tips for your daily self-examination:

  • Inspect your skin while standing in front of a full-length mirror. Start with your head and face, making sure to use a blow dryer to check the scalp, and then work your way down.
  • Check your hands and be sure not to forget your nails in your examination. Examine your elbows, arms, underarms, and torso.
  • Don’t forget to examine your back as well. Facing away from the full-length mirror, use a hand mirror to get a better view of your back, the back of your neck, and other hard-to-see places.
  • Next, you should sit down to check your legs and feet, including the soles, heel, toes, and nails. Use your hand mirrors to examine the genital area.

Harris Dermatology recommends that you call our Naples or Fort Myers skin cancer office for an appointment if you detect any suspicious looking spots during your daily self-examination.

Skin Cancer Warning Signs to Look For:

  • A spot or sore that continues to itch, hurt, crust, scab, erode, or bleed
  • An open sore that does not heal within two weeks
  • A skin growth, mole, beauty mark, or brown spot that changes color or appears pearly, translucent, tan, brown, black, or multicolored, changes in texture, increases in size or thickness, is asymmetrical, is irregular in outline or border, is bigger than 6mm (about the size of a pencil eraser), or appears after age 21
  • In addition to keeping your eye open for these signs, it is important to see Harris Dermatology regularly. Your qualified Naples or Fort Myers skin cancer doctor needs to evaluate any questionable areas that you might find.

Harris Dermatology Skin Fact: The thinnest skin on the human body is the eyelid at just 0.02mm thick.

Contact a Fort Myers or Naples skin cancer doctor today

Harris Dermatology is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm with an office conveniently located in Naples. When searching the web for Naples Skin Cancer or Fort Myers Skin Cancer, look no further than Harris Dermatology. We will make every effort to give you the best service possible with our expert medical care. Call 239-936-3344 for our Fort Myers office, or 239-596-1848 for our Naples office. You can also fill out the appointment request form on this page. Click here for driving directions and a Google map to visit us at Harris Dermatology.

Harris Dermatology Naples • 5415 Park Central Ct  •  Naples, FL 34109 • Phone:  239-596-1848  •  Fax:  (239) 596-1848

Harris Dermatology Fort Myers • 9090 Park Royal Dr  •  Ft Myers, FL 33908 • Phone:  239-936-3344  •  Fax:  239-936-5126

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