Sunscreen Is Protective Against Skin DNA Damage

April 04, 2017

TAKE-HOME MESSAGE The authors of this systematic review evaluated the effectiveness of sunscreen use in humans for the prevention of DNA damage in vivo when applied prior to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure. In all 10 studies included, significantly reduced levels of UVR-induced DNA damage were found in sunscreen-protected skin. There is consistent evidence that sunscreen […]




We identified ten eligible studies. Despite heterogeneity in methodological approaches, including the sun protection factors of the sunscreens assessed, range of skin types examined, the UVR exposure time and dose, the timing of post-irradiation biopsies and in the markers of DNA damage examined, all studies reported markedly reduced (or nil) UVR-induced DNA damage on sunscreen-protected skin.


Our review of the experimental evidence supports a protective effect of topical sunscreens in preventing UVR-induced DNA damage in human skin cells in vivo.