Do I need a skin biopsy?

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The skin on the human body is the largest organ—and the most exposed. Our skin is affected by the elements every day and needs protection. It is vital that patients take good care of their skin, and monitor for changes that might be indicative of medical attention. When an unusual growth, freckle, rash, or mole develops, it may need evaluation and in some cases, a skin biopsy. The doctors at Harris Dermatology in Naples and Fort Myers, FL may need to perform a skin biopsy to get more information regarding the problem at hand which allows for effective treatment. 

Do I need a skin biopsy? 

When a patient finds a suspicious growth on their skin, or has noticed changes in existing lesions such as moles, they may need to seek the assistance of a dermatologist. A dermatologist will often evaluate the patient’s skin to get a proper diagnosis. If the area is of concern, a biopsy may be done. This is the removal of a small portion of the skin and/or lesion to send to a laboratory for further evaluation. In many cases, the dermatologist may be interested in finding out if skin cancer cells are present. With early detection of skin cancer, many patients can have it treated quickly and avoid spreading. Additionally, with a proper skin care diagnosis, the dermatologist will also be able to pick the most appropriate treatment based on the type, as there are three varieties of skin cancer that can develop on the human body. With a clear diagnosis, a treatment recommendation can be made. 

Determining if a patient needs a skin biopsy is up to the dermatologist evaluating the skin. As a safety measure, biopsies may be ordered just to rule out cancer before offering alternative treatments. 

Have you found an abnormality that you believe needs attention from a medical professional? 

It may be time for an evaluation with Drs. Brian A. Harris, H. Ross Harris, and Keith A. Harris at Harris Dermatology. With two convenient locations in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida, new and established patients can get the skincare solutions they need. We encourage patients to book an appointment for a skin cancer screening or evaluation annually for early detection and treatment. 


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