Is melanoma deadly?

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At Harris Dermatology, we do more than just helping clear skin of acne and remove warts. We also provide annual skin cancer screenings and help patients be proactive in skin cancer detection. Along with that, we also offer biopsies, diagnosis, and treatment for skin cancer patients. With our help, many patients can get the assistance they need to beat cancer and avoid the negative outcomes that come with late detection or delayed treatment. 

One type of cancer that needs to be caught in its earliest stages for the best results is that of melanoma. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer as it is the most aggressive. This is why patients of Fort Myers and Naples, FL need to have routine screenings performed to catch the signs of this cancer as soon as symptoms appear to improve one’s chance of survival. 

What are eth five-year relative survival rates for patients diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer? 

The American Cancer Society, or ACS, has been tracking the diagnosis and survival rates of melanoma for years and continues to provide the most accurate numbers in terms of the survival rates for patients with melanoma. For localized melanoma, the five-year survival rate with treatment is 99%. However, if melanoma spreads, the survival rate over five years drops significantly. Patients with melanoma that has spread to other parts of the body, such as the liver or lungs, are diagnosed with what is called “distant” melanoma and may experience a survival rate of as low as 27%. These numbers represent exactly why it is so vital for patients to be screened for skin cancer annually to catch problems before they become more difficult to treat—if treatable at all. 

Are you due for a skin cancer screening? 

If you are located in the areas of Fort Myers or Naples, FL and are interested in scheduling a skin cancer screening with Drs. Brian A. Harris, H. Ross Harris, and Keith A. Harris, we welcome you to call one of our office locations to make an appointment. At Harris Dermatology, we put your health and safety first, and can provide early and effective diagnosis and treatment of various types of skin cancer, including melanoma.


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