National Healthy Skin Month


Harris Healthy Skin Month
Harris Healthy Skin Month

November is National Healthy Skin Month, and what better time to learn more about the largest organ of your body! We often don’t think much about our skin, but we should. In fact, daily care and attention is vital to maintaining healthy, beautiful skin and reducing the risk of concerns such as skin cancer. The American Academy of Dermatology, or the AAD, knows the importance of quality skin care habits and increased awareness of keeping it hydrated and fresh! Below are some of their tips for healthy skin.

Caring for your skin each day is important

Any dermatologist or other skincare professional will tout the benefits of caring for the skin each and every day. There are many things patients don’t always know about their skin, so speaking with a provider who has experience in offering the diagnosis and treatment of common skin concerns is the best way to address typical issues such as dryness, rashes, or skin cancer. Below are a few recommendations you should follow to care for your skin and make it top priority!

  • Keep the skin hydrated. Drink lots of water, which is great for overall health, and use moisturizers that can help lock in moisture.
  • Protect the skin. Every day, you should be wearing sunblock on exposed areas. An SPF of 30 or higher is recommended by dermatological professionals.
  • Get daily doses of Vitamin D. Vitamin D, which can be obtained through daily sunlight, is a great way to fight off seasonal depression and maintain healthy bones and skin.
  • Wash your face. With the use of gentle cleansers, you should wash your face every day to keep it clean and fresh.
  • Change your routine with the seasons. The same skincare routine won’t work all year round, so be sure to change up your products with seasonal changes to meet the needs of your skin during drier or colder months.
  • Monitor changes in moles. Moles that change in shape, color, or size might be an indication of skin cancer and should be evaluated by a professional.
  • Schedule an annual skin cancer screening. National Healthy Skin Month is a great time to schedule your routine skin evaluation to monitor for signs of skin cancer.

Ready to learn more about caring for your skin?

During National Healthy Skin Month, our professionals are here to help! If you are ready to work with a dermatological professional to discuss your daily skin care regiment or to book an annual skin cancer screening, we invite you to contact our practice by phone to request an appointment.


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