Photodynamic therapy: how does it work?

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The team of Harris Dermatology finds that many patients come into the office looking for a solution for healthier, more beautiful skin. There are a lot of treatment options available for patients considering treatment, including photodynamic therapy. Drs. Brian A. Harris, H. Ross Harris, and Keith A. Harris find it to be an effective way of enhancing the facial skin with today’s amazing technology!

What is photodynamic therapy?

Photodynamic therapy is the use of laser or light energy that is administered into the skin. It penetrates deep to help in improving the skin’s appearance and health. The treatment is designed to treat diseased skin cells and glands while reducing the appearance of sun damaged skin, rosacea, acne, and even precancerous lesions called actinic keratosis.

How does photodynamic therapy work?

Photodynamic therapy works by penetrating into the skin and treating a wide range of cosmetic and medical concerns. The light or laser energy is administered onto the skin using a special FDA-approved device and works deep within the skin to ensure dramatic results in the appearance, texture, and tone of the skin.

What can photodynamic therapy treat?

Photodynamic therapy is often chosen by patients for the treatment of:

  • Sun damage
  • Age/liver spots
  • Active acne and acne scarring
  • Inflammatory rosacea
  • Precancerous lesions (actinic keratosis)
  • Poor skin texture and tone

Can photodynamic therapy be used with other treatment modalities?

Our team may recommend the use of photodynamic therapy alongside other treatments, such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and exfoliation treatments. Patients who are using it to improve the skin’s texture and tone may also want to include injectables fillers and neurotoxins that are used for treating fine lines and wrinkles. Combining therapies ensures the best, most dramatic improvements.

Considering photodynamic therapy?

Fort Myers and Naples, Florida area men and women who believe photodynamic therapy might be right for them are encouraged to book an appointment with our staff at Harris Dermatology. We can assess and evaluate a patient to determine if they are a viable candidate for this treatment, or discuss alternative options. Our facilities are conveniently located and are always accepting new and current patients.


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