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Treatment for squamous cell carcinoma

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Squamous cell carcinoma is one of several skin cancers that can develop. With early detection and treatment, many patients can survive skin cancer and lead a better quality of life. Our team at Harris Dermatology in Naples and Fort Myers, FL encourage you to book an appointment if you have any early signs of skin cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma.

Understanding squamous cell carcinoma

Many of our patients will ask about squamous cell carcinoma and what to look for. Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the second most typical variety of skin cancer. It most commonly occurs on sun-exposed areas of the body, such as the face, ears, neck, lips, and backs of the hands. SCC can also occur on areas that have been damaged by other sources of ultraviolet light, such as tanning beds. While SCC is not usually life-threatening, it can be disfiguring and may require extensive treatment. Early detection is key to successful treatment, so it is important to see a dermatologist if you notice any changes in your skin.

What are the recommended treatments for squamous cell carcinoma?

The recommended treatments for SCC depend on the size and location of the tumor. For small tumors, cryotherapy (freezing) or topical chemotherapy may be recommended. For larger tumors, surgery may be necessary. Mohs micrographic surgery is a type of surgery that is often used to treat SCC because it allows the surgeon to remove the tumor while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible. In some cases, radiation therapy or chemotherapy may also be recommended.

How often should I be screened for skin cancer?

The professionals at Harris Dermatology encourage you to book an annual skin cancer screening with a trained and experienced dermatologist to look for the early signs of skin cancer. By taking a proactive approach to one’s skin health, you can improve your chances of survival after a skin cancer diagnosis.

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If you are in need of an evaluation or are concerned about an area on your skin, an examination is in order! Call one of our two office locations in the areas of Naples and Fort Myers, FL to get the care and attention you need. We are open to new and current patients, and strongly encourage annual skin cancer screenings for patients of all ages.


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