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What happens when a melanoma is removed?

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Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer. The team at Harris Dermatology in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida strongly encourage patients to see their dermatologist annually for a screening to catch this and other skin cancers early enough for successful intervention. With early diagnosis and treatment, many patients will be able to survive melanoma skin cancer. 

How is melanoma removed? 

Drs. Brian A. Harris, H. Ross Harris, and Keith A. Harris of Harris Dermatology have several methods available for the removal of melanoma after a biopsy has confirmed the cancer. Removal often includes excision of the cancerous skin cells right in our dermatology office. Once melanoma has been effectively removed, these patients will need to visit their dermatologist on a regular basis for observation to ensure that the cancer does not return. In cases where the cancer has not reached stage III, most patients can successfully remove the cancer from their bodies and maintain a normal lifestyle following their diagnosis. Melanoma that has reached stage III and IV has spread beyond the skin and can be found in the lymph nodes, where more aggressive treatments may be recommended, including chemotherapy and radiation. 

What happens when melanoma is removed? 

The removal of melanoma is highly recommended when it has been spotted on the skin and has been confirmed by a biopsy. After the melanoma has been removed, however, patients will need to visit their dermatologist regularly for continued observation. Annual skin cancer screenings are advised, and patients are strongly encouraged to schedule a screening in-between their annual appointments if they have a new growth or changes to current moles on their skin that may require an evaluation by a medical professional. 

Are you in need of a skin cancer screening? 

Patients of the Naples and Fort Myers, FL area who have not had a skin cancer screening in the last year will need to schedule an appointment with the dermatologists at Harris Dermatology for a full evaluation. It is best that patients have a skin cancer screening performed every year as part of their annual physical to look for the early signs of cancer and provide effective diagnosis, treatment, and observation afterward.


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