What is Mohs surgery?

Oncologist examining female patient with magnifier in clinic

Serious cases of skin cancer require treatment as soon as possible to avoid spreading and increased severity. For some patients, certain procedures may be recommended as the best way to treat the problem, including Mohs micrographic surgery. Mohs micrographic surgery is a precision treatment that is performed by a skilled, certified professional to remove skin cancer from the face or body in a way that does not cause significant scarring or disfigurement. It may also be suggested for patients who have recurring skin cancer and require a more successful treatment than traditional excision.

Understanding Mohs micrographic surgery

This method of skin cancer removal has become the most effective way to remove cancerous cells from the skin while reducing the chances of disfigurement and significant scars. The procedure is done by a skilled professional. The doctor starts by providing local anesthetic to numb the area before starting. Small, thin layers of the affected skin are removed, and each one is checked for cancerous skin cells throughout the procedure. In doing this, it can reduce the amount of healthy skin tissue remaining and remove just the cancerous skin.

Why choose Mohs micrographic surgery?

There are two reasons why patients might be told that Mohs micrographic surgery might be right for them. Mohs micrographic surgery is best for patients in the areas of Naples and Fort Myers, FL who have:

  • Recurring cancer
  • Cancer located on a highly visible area of the body

After a diagnosis of skin cancer, the dermatologist will speak to the patient about the specific treatment options that are available to them. For some, simple excision of the cancer is best. For others, treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation might be recommended, especially if the cancer has spread. In some instances, Mohs micrographic surgery may be the most effective.

Are you considering Mohs micrographic surgery?

If you have been told by a medical professional that your skin cancer case could benefit from removal through Mohs micrographic surgery, it is time to speak to a doctor about your options. Call the team at Harris Dermatology in Naples and Fort Myers, FL.


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