What is a skin cancer screening?

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For many, the summertime is a great season for laying out and getting a tan. But the more we know about skin cancer, the more problematic this activity can be. At Harris Dermatology in Fort Myers and Naples, FL, we take the time to educate patients on the many ways in which sun exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer and impact one’s overall health. This is why we encourage patients to have routine skin cancer screenings. 

What is a skin cancer screening? 

Skin cancer is one of the few cancers that is visible on the body. This makes it easier to find in the early stages and intervene before it becomes severe. A skin cancer screening is similar to other medical screenings which are used to look for signs of problems. Skin cancer screenings are performed in a dermatology office, during which a doctor will evaluate the patient from head to toe for any changes in moles, new growths or lumps, or other signs that cancerous skin cells may be present. Patients can expect this screening to take approximately an hour, and should have them done routinely. 

Who needs skin cancer screenings? 

Skin cancer screenings should be performed by everyone on a regular basis. It is highly encouraged that patients have annual appointments with their dermatologist for this evaluation. This is extremely important in patients who may be high risk for skin cancer, including those with the following factors: 

  •         A family history of melanoma
  •         A personal history of basal cell or squamous cell cancers
  •         Over 50 moles on the skin and body
  •         Light-skinned individuals with red or blond hair
  •         Those who have a history of intense or frequent sun exposure
  •         Individuals who have a history of several blistering sunburns

Are you in need of a skin cancer screening? 

Adults should have skin cancer screenings performed annually to monitor for the early indications of cancer. At Harris Dermatology, our team of professionals will provide these evaluations for new and established patients in the areas of Naples and Fort Myers, FL. Contact one of our two office locations today to undergo an evaluation for early detection.


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